Wednesday, December 15, 2004


*#$! Martha

Martha Stewart is in the middle of a short sqeeze, and my shorts are definitely getting squeezed (and not in the fun way). My portfolio was down $2000 today, all on account of MSO, a company founded by a crook, who is now sitting in jail serving a sentence that in my opinion is way too short. Make no mistake, MSO will fall to $10 one day, when the lemmings that have invested in this stock realize the it's valueless, and that Martha's TV show will mainly benefit (no surprise here) Martha, and not her company.

It continues to vex me that most people still don't regard Martha as the slimy crook that she is. Insider trading is victimless crime, right? Tell that to the chump who bought her Imclone shares just before they fell. For every seller, there has to be a buyer. What Martha did was no different from what a shoplifter does. Actually, it's worse. Martha stole a lot more than the typical shoplifter; she stole from people who had less money than her; she stole when she knew what she was doing was wrong (she used to be a stockbroker, after all); and on top of that, she tried to cover it up after the fact. Absolutely shameless.

Great comment! All those crooks should go to prison but they barely pay at all. The merril lynch analyst who was in bed with the Koz, over at Tyco, was fined 250,000 and barred from wall st. for a year! He made 2.5 million a yr. when he was at merril lynch and lying about what a stong buy Tyco was. In my opinion he should get 10yrs.
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