Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Still stuck in low gear

Despite a nice pop in Mancaster Technologies (MANC), my portfolio remains stuck in low gear, increasing only $2000 today. Had it not been for my MANC shares (which I sold in afterhours at $8.40), I would have been down on the day again.

I like your site. I came across it via one of your posts on the OUTL message board. I own a substantial amount of this stock. I've looked at your stocks and like many of them.

I have a similar sized portfolio to yours and invest in primarily small stocks. I'd be interested in your opinion and thought I'd throw your way the following: GV, MPET, HTC, AAME, CHMP, HOOK, HSR, GW, PKD, BZ, DYN, CCC, SYNM, WTRS, GLDC, NXG, DROOY, CHCL.PK, GPXM.OB, FRCP.OB, NGA, ETLT.OB, EPLN.OB and TOF. I own all of them, some more than others.

Finally, I've made good money following the practices of an individual named Ted Warren. You can find his book on Amazon. The book was published long ago, but all I can say is that it works. Many of your stocks follow his basic premise of buying stocks after a long period of inaction.

Happy Investing!
Thanks for the message. Your picks look interesting; I'll look into them. Be careful with CHCL and ETLT. I owned both in the past, and sold both after I read some unflattering messages on the Raging Bull message board about them to the effect that both companies are rather shady, and that their large cash positions are illusory. I'm not in a position to judge whether that's true, so you may want to do additional DD. As for me, when I see smoke, I tend stay on the safe side and just assume there's fire.
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