Monday, December 06, 2004


Why I started this blog

You may be thinking: why would anyone want to share their investment decisions with others? Well, there are many reasons. Partly, I enjoy the process of picking stocks, and want to share my ideas with others. I also figure that if others see what I invest in, they may provide me with good reasons why I should change my mind about some of the companies that are in my portfolio. Who knows what dogs I may be unknowingly holding. If you think I have made a grave mistake with one of my holdings, let me know!

Also, I hope that this blog will provide some discipline for my investment decisions. If you click on the charts to the right, you will notice a big dip in my portfolio between May and July of this year. There is one reason for this and one reason only: I got greedy and broke my golden rule that restricts holdings of any of one stock to no more than 10 percent of my portfolio. I got arrogant, and I paid the price.. a big price, when the stock floundered. I will have more to say about the stock in question in a later post. But for now, I am hoping that posting my views about what I trade and why will force me to think twice about what I do, and justify my decisions to myself and to you.

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