Monday, January 10, 2005


Couldn't resist ... loaded up on ASIA

I couldn't resist loading up on ASIA today. I bought 4500 shares at about $4.60 per share. The stock has been gratuitously hit by what happened to UTSI. UTSI bounced back today, and I suspect ASIA will bounce back tomorrow.

GARMIN (GRMN) is down a bit for some reason. I was holding NVT and SIRF and those havent been doing well. Garmin has been going up like crazy the last few months and this month, been down for some reason. What do you think of it? I bought some more NVT at its lower price today... Hopefully it'll go up and I could sell the ones I got at $$46.38. I have confidence in GPS but have a feeling these might take some time to grow.

Hey, what do you think of Yahoo? Worth buying at this price? Maybe Apple might be worth shorting? Seems like an awfully high P/E ratio.

On second thought.. Apple would probably be a bad choice of shorting. Hmm.. it is too bad I sold it a month ago for $55. Bleh.
Do you guys think PLAY would benefit from AAPL's earning announcement? I am hoping that it would and i'm definitely long on AAPL.
OH man... what a freaking crazy day... AMD lost so much since I bought it in December. My only consolation is that I only bought around $2500 worth of shares. Still, money is money. I am SERIOUSLY thinking about picking up some at this point.

Garmin (GRMN) took a shot to the guts today too. It's bleeding like crazy and I am still thinking if I should buy some or not.

Hang in there Scott. Don't forget: buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying. Best of luck to you.
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