Thursday, January 27, 2005


James Cramer's Investment Porfolio -- Follow up

Scott, who has a free subscription to Realmoney, delivers the goods: Cramer has averaged 9.3 percent annual return since Jan 1, 2002 versus 2.3 percent on the S&P 500. Mind you, smaller companies have outperformed the S&P over the past 3 years, and so Cramer's performance wouldn't look as great if we were to compare it to the Russel 2000. Still, anyway you cut, he has outperformed the market (and even the Russel 2000), and should get credit for that.

I decided to go get 100 shares of Microsoft after their announcement today. And they also recently said they are going to start doing online checking of their software for piracy when it comes to updates and such. I think many people will probably purchase.

I had a free subscription to action alerts last year for a little while and I lost big! Cramer averages down in his positions and if when the market tanked last summer he added more $$$ to lower his cost basis. I just didn't have the money and even when his stock selections made their move, I was still underwater! I made the mistake of buying into his enthusiasm and conviction about certain stocks. My fault, not his, live and learn!

I still listen to his radio show and his comments on the market, but I stay away from his favorite stocks. Sometimes I wonder if people are shorting against him as a strategy.

I have to agree with Lisa. He's always touting stocks he already owns which he bought at much lower prices. Dont think he's that great. I read his newsletter and listen to him but I wouldnt follow him too closely in his trades.

Another BAD BAD BAD day... I bought some WTI when it IPO-ed expecting it to go up a few dollars. Nope.. went down instead. Very surprised...

Bought some more WebEx and hoping it will be up again. Right now, losing money on it.

Ah well.. so much for doing less trades.

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