Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Jim Cramer's investment portfolio

So I was watching Screechy and Preachy and started thinking to myself: just how good is Cramer? The charges subscribers $320 a year to hear what stocks he is buying and selling in this personal portfolio, but where is the public record of how well his portfolio has performed? If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

Good point about Cramer's record. One day I'll have to post a Cramer rant.
Hey Coach,

I'm not sure where you got the 200% increase on my portfolio from (Perhaps one of my goals)?
My goals consist of ALL money I make: Business ventures, working, web design, finding nickels in the vending machine and stock. I WISH I could even make a 30% gain like you!!

Last year I made a 16% overall gain, but with less than 10k, it wasn't all that much.

Keep dropping me comments, especially about stocks...because I have never had any formal training. It's good to get advice from people who know what they are doing!

I'd like to hear more about you, drop me an email!

Holy CRAP!! Finally scored a bit of a winner on Sandisk. I bought it back in November and sold it in January. Made a few hundred maybe. And when I saw it drop to $22 yesterday, I immediately grabbed a bunch.

Wow.. flew up 19% in after hours because of earnings after the market closed. I guess people were really thinking the company had a bad quarter. I figured they should have a DECENT quarter if not great.

Lexar has been going down like a rock. I bought and sold in November and actually made a few dollars on it. I wonder if it's going to go up or down at this point tomorrow.

Too bad my damn MGAM dropped 15% today.

ah crap.. it's starting to drop a tad in after hours... man, now I've gotta wait and see what happens at opening tomorrow.
Okay.. got out at $26.40.. Man, hope that was the right decision. If it goes up even more tomorrow.. ARGH.

I bought 200 shares at 22 on 1/27/05. And sold it at $26.40 at the same day in after hours.

I wish I could have days like this everyday.

Looks like you made the right call. It's down below $26 now. Congrats!
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