Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Stock screener

A reader asks what stockscreener I use. I do use the Yahoo Finance stock screener on occasion, largely because I am comfortable with Yahoo Finance. However, my preference is to use the free advanced stock screener on MSN Money. It's extremely powerful, and has good coverage of microcap stocks. It requires a download, but afterwards, it's quick and easy to use. And amazingly enough, Microsoft doesn't come out as the top pick in every screen that you run.

Thanks. I didnt even know what a stock screener was til now. I went to MSN and checked it out.

So how long do you normally hold your stocks? Since you are in the micro caps, arent they very volatile and more for day trading than holding for longer than weeks or months? Or do you hold for the tax benefits and you believe in the growth of the stock?

Day trading microcaps is a recipe for losing lots of money: the bid ask spreads are just too large. Much better to buy undervalued stocks and wait until they double or triple, and then sell.
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