Friday, January 07, 2005


Weekly Summary

I started nicely in the black today, but as the day wore on, my portfolio drifted down, ending down $1,000 for day. For the week as a whole however, I came out $971 ahead. Not exactly breathtaking, but considering the dreadful performance of the major indices over the past 5 trading days, I am happy with the result. Thanks to the several people who emailed me their stock suggestions. I appreciate your views. Many of your stocks look interesting and appealing, but none quite fit my investment profile. I'll run my stockscreener again this weekend, and see if anything pops up. Over the past few months, I've gotten mainly blanks, which is indeed a ominous sign, as it suggests that there aren't too many attractively priced stocks left out there, especially in the small cap universe. I would particularly appreciate your thoughts on good short candidates, as I'm trying to beef up that portion of my portfolio. Please email me your views, or leave a comment.

Congrats on having a positive week. I wish the same for myself but unfortunately didnt happen. Check out WebEx and let me know what you think.

NEXM seems to be a see-saw stock too. I am hoping for something to happen but so far, not that much.

My WORST losers are AMD and NVT. I was really disappointed by NVT since it has positive recommendations but it has fallen a bit last few weeks. I still am going to hold and see. I think AMD is on freefall or something. Just keeps going down for some reason. I'm still HOPING for it to go up in the future. So probably hold it despite having it down 18% so far.

A stupid asian stock I own is AOBO. Dont know in hell why I bought that one. Anyways.. loser but I'll hold and see. Maybe I'll buy some ASIA since it's gone down.

My best performer was a fund... which was totally surprising. This fund call RSCOX. I sold it last week because the whole market was going down... I am not sure if that's a wise decision now. Maybe I should hold. I had that one near the beginning of last year.

So what do you think? When is the right time to sell anything? As soon as it goes up 10-20% or just hold it and basically hold it for 5-10 years? What is your strategy?

I just started investing heavily about 3 months ago, so totally new to this.
I don't really have a buy/sell rule that I follow. I just go with my gut feelings, accumulated over 4 years of investing. Be careful with the Chinese OTC stocks... lots of fraud and self-dealing there. The listed stocks are okay, however. I made very good money on SINA and SOHU three years ago when they were trading under $2. I think ASIA remains a good buy at these levels.

I don't know anything about AOBO, so it could be legit..but the terms of their last private placement don't look very favorable to current shareholders. In general, I avoid companies with a penchant for diluting existing shareholders.

Webex seems okay, but isn't too much of a value play, so it's not the sort of stock I would buy
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