Friday, January 14, 2005


Weekly summary

My 5 week winning streak is over. Though I was up somewhat today, I finished the week down $3,916. My portfolio is now worth $370,632. Especially disheartening is that the NASDAQ and S&P were flat this week, while the Russel 2000 was up by almost 1 percent. Thus, I lost money in absolute terms and relative to the market. Well, I remain optimistic that next week will bring better results!

I strongly suggest you buy the tanker stocks tomorrow morning, such as OMM, TOPT, FRO, EXM, etc. Hold them for two weeks. Guranteed 10-15% return.

Hmm.. those stocks do look very tempting.

... and every single one of them was down in today's up-market.
Yeah.. was kind of disappointed by that. I looked at the company yesterday and decided to buy some FRO. Hope it goes back up.

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