Friday, January 21, 2005


Weekly Summary

All in all a good week. As of the close of trading today, my portfolio was worth $376,850, up $6,218 from last Friday. Today turned out to be a busy trading day, a rarity for me because I try to avoid excessive trading to the extent possible. Four trades in total:

  1. Sold my shares of EDAP. I had purchased them more than 2 years ago at $1.50 when they were trading below cash value. The company has executed reasonably well since then, but I think the stock has gotten ahead of itself. I bailed today and sold out $4.75.
  2. Bought back my shares (and then some) in BOSC. As faithful readers may recall, I sold them only a few weeks ago. However, that was in the midst of a major surge in the stock price as daytraders piled in with the hope of making a quick buck . Since then, the shares have fallen by 50 percent. At $2.40, the stock is now trading not far above cash value, and with growing revenues and its position in the hot VOIP sector, I think there is plenty of upside here, and relatively little downside.
  3. Bought shares in AVGN. This biotech is losing money but is trading well below cash value, which I think will give me lots of downside protection. The company is working on a cure for Parkinson’s disease. I don’t know whether they will succeed, but I’m willing to roll the dice on this one.
  4. Bought shares in GIGM. This is my third time in this stock, although this is first time that I’ve bought above $1. However, the company’s fundamentals and prospects have improved a lot over the past 6 months. Yet, it’s trading at close to cash value. At the very least, I think it should be a $2 stock.

That's a great week!! Especially in this crazy down market. I am down $6000 right now since last few weeks. Just pathetic performances.

I pretty sold EVERYTHING that was in the positive territories this morning. Which was COP, ASIA, and a mutual fund. Now I have like 25 stocks in the negative which I need to wait and wait and see what happens.

I sold ASIA at about $5.01 and when it when down to $4.81, I bought a 1000 shares again.

I am still getting used to trading. Making several mistakes with E*Trade when selling and had to change orders several times, which of course costed me.

Look at this mess..

Speaking of biotech. I was trying to VIAC which IPO today. Couldnt get it at my price.

I actually thought about just doing nothing for a while. Stop the trading. I think I trade way too much and that's probably the #1 mistake by beginners. Believe it or not, I've made 47 trades this month alone. Which is kind of insane since each trade is about $10.

I was playing the earnings mambo. I figured with a down market the first 2 weeks, earnings and options expiration would be a catalyst. Worked great on the first one. Worked great on the second one. Third. Fourth. Fifth. Sixth.

Whooooosh.... Not the seventh. (EBAY!)

Still playing it, though.

I'm not familiar with the stocks you mention, so I'll pass. But good luck. Sounds like you're doing great.
Hey Muckdog,

Not sure what you mean by earnings mambo. You mean you were shorting stocks? Yeah... Ebay.. I actually bought some but jumped off immediately. Too worried about it.

Anyone use i-watch on Lycos? I sort of like using it.

What does everyone think of SYNA? Worth shorting Monday?

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