Wednesday, February 02, 2005


A decent day

Shares in ASIA fell 7 percent today because of a downgrade by some clown analyst at Merrill Lynch (great call by the way: they don't say anything when the stock is above $10; then they downgrade it to sell when it falls to $5, where it's trading only 30 percent above cash value and still profitable. Amazing that there are actually suckers out there willing to pay for such "research".) Anyway, despite ASIA, the rest of my portfolio held up well, and I finished the day up $3,200. In other news, I sold 1200 of my 2000 shares in COLL at $5.81 (the other 800 didn't get filled in my limit order). Considering I was sucker-punched into buying those shares on Monday, I feel happy to have gotten rid of more than half of them at a slight profit.

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