Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Martha the new Trump

Looks like Martha will star in her own version of the Apprentice. Well, hopefully she will do for her company what The Donald did for his shareholders. You know, I was reading his book, but I just couldn't get past Chapter 11...

Glad I do not own a TV. Enjoy your blog.
Question - when you buy a stock have you determined a price that you feel it will reach - a goal price?

Good question. I don't really have answer. I have a "sense" of where I'd like to sell, but usually never a specific price. The reason is that my selling price will vary depending on how the stock moves and what if any news triggered the move.
I own 90 stocks in 5 different brokerage accounts - you own over 40 - how do you keep track of them -spread sheet? on-line, ?? -

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