Thursday, February 03, 2005


A new record high

My portfolio was up about $1,000 today, thanks to nice moves by OUTL and BOSC. Good enough for a new all time high. I sold my shares of AGMX this morning after the company released an SEC filing that (in my view) appears to indicate that most of the liquidation proceeds will go to preferred stock holders. I also sold all my shares of GIGM after the stock ran up more than 15 percent in the two weeks since I bought it. Now that I've sold all my shares, I reckon there is at least a 95 percent probability that it will go up 30 percent tomorrow (it never fails!).

Stockcoach,great moves to be positive in today's slide. My portfolio turned into a sheet of red again.

I made a tiny gain on QSFT (buying at $14.25 yesterday and selling at $15.25).

Too bad I live in the west coast. I have to do everything through limit orders without knowing how the stomache of the market is churning from last night's festivities.

I am losing in SBLK so far.. I shorted it at $15.941. Hmm.. I have a STOP order on it in case it goes up too much.

What really whammed me this morning was FRO (dropping from $54 to $46 or something like close to that range). What happened was they spun off a part of the company and it immediately dropped the price by $6 or so. My STOP order in E*Trade was not activiated at $54 range because due to the spin-off, my STOP order was also lowered by $6. This is definitely something new to learn... Anyways, I am holding it and it's going up again.

I was trying like heck to buy CDN but didnt happen because price fell to my limit price. They had a nice quarter.

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