Thursday, February 10, 2005


SMAN's the girlieman

What a lousy day! My portfolio fell $2800. Obviously my decision to repurchase those 2000 SMAN shares at $4.50 yesterday was not the best course of action; the shares are now under $4. Oh well, I still think the stock will go up, and that the shares will be trading over $5 next week. I also sold my shares in BOSC. The stock is up over 30 percent from where I bought it on no news and low volume, so I'm inclined to take my profits and stay on the sidelines for now. I'll repurchase my position if we go back to the mid-twos.

What's interesting is that it fell so much more in after hours. Wonder what caused the downfall in afterhours.

BLOGGER really improved their UI today. Much easier to leave comments.
The volume was only 1000 shares. I noticed that too, but then noticed that the big was back up to $3.90. Someone just got scared or typed the wrong number for a limit order.
Typed the wrong number... man, I can relate. I MISSED OUT on several thousands of gain by typing a wrong number on the order page and selling it at lower price. 2 mistakes in 2 days ago. Lousy...

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