Wednesday, February 09, 2005


SMAN's the man

I try not to check how my portfolio too often during the day since it distracts me from my regular job (playing tetris). Today, however, a bit of serendipity came my way. I opened my portfolio on Yahoo Finance, and what was waiting for me? This little gem from Standard Management, released just a few minutes after I opened my web browser. Well, after a few seconds of hestitation, I placed a trade to buy 2000 shares at $3.15, to add to the 1000 shares that I already owned. It was a good decision. Within half an hour, my limit order to sell those 2000 shares at $4.75 had been filled, and SMAN was at the top of the Ponzidaq's top gainers list. Almost immediately though, I got an major case of seller's remorse, and ended up repurchasing those 2000 shares (fortunately, at a lower price of $4.50 per share). We'll see what transpires tomorrow, but I'm hoping for another good day. Anway, thanks largely to SMAN, today turned out nicely, with my portfolio up $5000, hitting another all time high. In other news, I waded back into GIGM, picking up 5000 shares at $1.50, as the stock is now down 10 percent from where I sold it.

Hey, seriously, what do you do for a living? Yeah, I know what you mean about the stocks being so distracting. Ever since I started, I can barely focus at work these days. Sad but true.

You like Tetris huh? Check out the Grandmaster of Tetris. Seriously incredible...

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