Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Sold my ARNA shares

I neglected to mention in my earlier post that I also sold my shares in ARNA today. Frankly, I forget why I bought them in the first place.

Wednesday and Tuesday have been pretty decent days. The red ink level is starting to go down a bit in my portfolio.

FRO actually has gone up nicely the past 2 days. I am surprised. I was getting kind of worried when I bought it a few weeks ago after a recommendation on this message board and started to see it go down. Anyways, I put a STOP order on it so even if it drops for any reason, I wont get a loss on it. Might continue to move up a bit because it has such a low P/E ratio and high dividend.

Sold 500 shares of ASIA for $5.10 a few days ago and saw it move as high as $5.29 or $5.30 I think. But that stock dropped a lot today after analyst downgraded it. So I bought some back to wait and see what happens. Honestly, it didnt seem like such a great quarter to me but I figured I'll buy some and see how it does.

I bought some QSFT (Quicksoft) and it's down slightly. And I shorted about 200 shares of SBLK. Bought $400 worth of option calls for Lexar and that's up 14.65% today and my gain was a measly $57.51 but I am just trying to get the hang of options at this point and dont want to risk too much.

I would actually buy SNDK (Sandisk) if it goes down a tad more. Maybe buy some tomorrow.

Maybe short ATAR (Atari) tomorrow if I can get some cash from selling something.

Still down 6% overall in my portfolio. Need to stop trading so much because it is already 66 trades so far this quarter.

By the way, check out the Stock Screen on Yahoo. It is a GREAT stock screener. But you must run the JAVA version to get all the capabilities.

Biggest mistakes past 2 months.. ARGH!!!

AAPL (Apple) selling at $55!!!
COP (Conocophillips) selling at $88!
CREAF (Creative Labs) buying at $16.34

Biggest mistakes came from selling too early when they had momentum. Apple is probably the one I regret the most...

Hey Scott,

Don't worry about making many "mistakes". They are not really mistakes anyway. 90 percent of what moves stocks is randomness. The trick is to get the other 10 percent right. Best of luck to you!!!!
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