Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Sold MRI and SKP

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I sold my shares of MRI.A and SKP. Both have delivered less than stellar earnings recently, and I no longer think that they have enough further upside to warrant keeping them in my portfolio. As I have a healthy profit on both positions (especially MRI.A, which is up almost 100 percent from where I bought it more than a year ago), I decided to take my profits sooner rather than later.

I have been trying to short stocks now. Been seeing my stocks go down into the lava and feel like embracing the lava versus fighting it. so keeping my bunch of loser stocks for another quarter to see how it goes and shorting stocks here and there.

been shorting URBN and doing okay on it. I finally BOUGHT some stocks and next thing I know, losing money again. Hmmm.. the ones I bought were ET and AMTD. I actually think these are pretty good stocks but anyways, what do I know. It's been down for 2 days. Also bought more into the stocks in my portfolio that were dropping. Those were bad mistakes. paying for it... thought it hit bottom but these stocks seem to have entered a black hole with infinite amount of free fall.

FRO is going up like its on fire. Man.. cant believe I sold at 46. Lame lame lame.... I cant believe it can possibly go higher. Man.. if I had shares, I would sell now.

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