Thursday, May 19, 2005


A minor reprieve

As impossible as it seems, my portfolio actually outperformed the market today, gaining nearly $6,000. This was the first solid day in about as long as I can remember. However, even with today's gain, my portfolio has underperformed the major indices by a wide margin so far in May. Heck, I even managed to lose $1,700 yesterday on a day when everyone else and his dog made money. Is today the beginning of a turnaround for the Coach? I most certainly hope so!

I actually watched almost all of Reverend Jim Cramer's show yesterday. I was surprised by how critical he was of momentum investors. This is the same guy who was recommending Martha Stewart at $30!!! Still, I gotta admit I like and admire the guy.

Didnt know you were so into Cramer. Here's condensed versions of his show.

If you enjoy Jim Cramer's Mad Money...

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