Tuesday, June 21, 2005


HOTT or not?

Up $300 today. I got partially stopped out of AE today. My stop limit order got filled for 200 shares at $21.90. Too bad. The stock rebounded and finished down only marginally for the day. I haven't had much success with stop orders in the past. It always seems that somehow the stock falls just enough for my order to get triggered, and then jumps up again. Oh well. Let's see what happens with my remaining 200 shares.

I also shorted 500 shares of HOTT at $20.67. The company guided down last night and the stock fell 10 percent. Even Cramer gave it a "triple sell" during last night's Lighting Round. Yet, the stock managed to crawl back into the black today. This often happens when some hedge fund purposely buys shares to drive up the price in order sell even more shares at the higher price. The hedge fund gains. The poor idiot who bought just when the fund starts dumping stock ends up holding the bag. I figure when that happens the best strategy is to scalp the hedge fund and short some shares.

i shorted 300 shares at 19.95 early this morning. wish i had waited for the run up. where are you looking to cover? good trade btw
I was thinking about shorting it too. But retail stocks are so damn hard to fall these past few months. They have been very strong...

But yeah.. HOTT is pretty weak. I went to mall recently and didnt see much business there. Nothing exciting happening inside.

Man.. tough to make a few bucks these past few months. Dont know how everyone else does it. Losing more than winning.

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