Friday, July 22, 2005


Weekly wrap-up, $25,000 cash deposit, and ZEUS

Today was another strong day as my portfolio gained about $4,500 to finish the week up $11,471 (2.5 percent), outperforming the NASDAQ (up 1.1 percent), the S&P 500 (up 0.5 percent), and the Russell 2000 (up 1.8 percent).

I also deposited $25,000 that I have saved up from work over the past year into my Ameritrade account. I figure that it's better to put that cash into my investment portfolio because at least it will earn a slightly higher interest rate than what I get my checking account at my local bank. However, as a result of this deposit, I now have over $80,000 in idle cash in my investment portfolio. This will make it a bit tougher for me to continue to outperform the indices as long as the markets keep going up. Needless to say, I calculate my returns on a net basis, so cash withdrawals and deposits into my investment portfolio do not have any impact on the "results" column on the left of this blog.

Finally, I added ZEUS to my "Good news bear" portfolio. This marks the first time that I have added a stock to this experimental portfolio. Smith Barney upgraded the whole steel sector this morning, and considering how beaten down steel stocks have been recently, I think ZEUS could make a strong move to the upside next week. I bought a bunch of shares at $15.20.

ZEUS has an extremely attractive chart.. coming out of a bottoming pattern and back above the 50 DMA. Thanks for pointing this one out.

Great blog, and great call on GOOG! Keep it up.
Take a look on FRD, may be better than ZEUS
Do you pay taxes on your earnings from your salary as well? Or do you plan on making a withdrawl around tax time?
I usually save enough money from my paycheck to pay all my taxes on capital gains (which unfortuantely tend to be higher than I would like since many of the gains are short-term).
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