Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Google + Palmsource ?

Although KTCC couldn't hold last night's big gains, it still finished higher 20 percent for the day, which propelled my portfolio up by about $3,000. I also added to my position in FCPO and started a new position in Taylor Devices, a stock that has yielded big profits for me in the past.

Something is afoot with Palmsource. The company is under heavy institutional accumulation. Does somebody know something? I don't know, but I can offer a theory. There has been lots of buzz in the last few days about Google getting into the smartphone business. Today's announcement that Google will offer an instant messaging service only added fuel to the fire. If Google goes into the smartphone market, it is highly unlikely that they would want to use Microsoft's operating system. While Symbian would be a possibility, they wouldn't be able to own the operating system outright. That puts Palmsource in play as an acquisition candidate. Even if Google were to license Palmsource's OS, that could make PSRC a $25 stock virtually overnight.

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