Friday, August 26, 2005


I'll be back in mid-September

My view that OVTI would surge today due to a short squeeze turned out to be spectacularly wrong. I'm now down about almost $700 on this position. Still, I think that I'll keep the stock for a while longer and see what transpires.

Despite OVTI's sour performance, I managed to stay in the black today and finished the week up $7,278 (1.4 percent), which compares favorably against the Nasdaq (down 0.7 percent), S&P 500 (down 1.2 percent), and the Russel 2000 (down 0.6 percent).

TAYD reported a very nice quarter this morning. I'm glad to see that the stock is moving up because of good earnings, and not because a bunch daytraders assumed that the company would be installing lots of vibration absorbers under grass huts in the outer reaches of the Indian Ocean.

And speaking of that particular part of the world, I will be traveling to South Asia next week on business. I will be gone for about 2 weeks. Although I may check to see how my portfolio is doing on the rare occasion, for the most part, I will keep things on autopilot. Frankly, that is okay with me. I find that when I am at home and at the office, I check on my portfolio way too often. It's distracting and honestly, I don't think my investment performance is any better because of it.

My best wishes and happy returns for everyone who reads this blog! See you in September!

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