Thursday, August 18, 2005


Keep an eye on airlines

None of my stocks were able to make any strong moves upwards today. That combined with SMTX giving up some of the gains from earlier this week led to a decline in my portfolio of $2,100. It's clear that market players are getting into a more defensive mode. I am keeping a close eye on crude oil prices, not least of which because I have two energy stocks in my portfolio (NGAS and AE). If oil prices keep falling, I think I may do some bottom fishing in the airline sector.

I was thinking about airlines, too. However, I think this quick pullback in oil will rebound back up by end week..

Do you see opportunity, at this point, in NWAC? They've been making waves this week.

BTW - your short term portfolio link is broken...
I don't have any strong feelings about individual airlines. Though my instinct would be to go with the foreign carriers because their fundamentals are strong. The link to the short portfolio isn't broken. I just don't have any shorts now!
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