Monday, August 22, 2005


Once again, SMTX

Once again, SMTX bailed me out, allowing my portfolio to eke out a $1,500 gain for the day, no thanks to Bozo Electronics, which fell 10 percent after delivering a not so stellar earnings report (but one that did not, in my estimation, warrant a 10 percent decline).

I also sold all my shares of HAST for a small profit after the company guided down for the next quarter. While the stock did not decline on the news, I think the company's guidance will preclude a significant upside move in the coming months. In this case, I'd rather stay on the sidelines.

I used the proceeds to start a new position in Factory Card and Party Outlet (FCPO), a company I had owned and sold only a few months ago. Oddly enough, when I was taking the elevator up to my apartment today, there was a gal who was holding a Factory Card and Party Outlet bag. I didn't even know there was a store in my area. I asked her where the store was located. She probably thought I was hitting on her. Ahh, whatever.. go FCPO!

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