Wednesday, September 28, 2005


DECT gets pumped and dumped. FNLY just gets dumped

Up about $2,000 today. FNLY shed 15 percent today after announcing that it would be closing 194 of its stores on account of May's merger with Federated. Still, the company's core business is profitable, and I am not ready to bail on this stock just yet.

DECT zoomed up more than 40 percent in early trading after announcing a deal with Chevron. I sold half my position at $5.76. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I am hoping that the daytraders are not done with this one just yet.

AEHR reported a good quarter and excellent guidance. The stock reacted accordingly, surging 40 percent. Unfortunately, I only have 1000 shares of AEHR, but I'll be looking to buy more on any weakness.

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