Monday, September 26, 2005


Goodbye PDGE. Hello DECT.

Up about $800 today. I sold my remaining shares of PDGE. I still think the company has a solid business, but the shares are up over 100 percent from where I bought them just a few weeks ago, and now that Rita has come and gone, the catalyst for owning this company is no longer there. Thus, I'd rather put my money somewhere safer.

And with safety in mind, I bought 2000 shares of DECT today. Dectron is a great little company, with improving earnings and revenue, and a solid balance sheet. Plus, it has lately become a favorite of daytraders, which means that the likelihood is high that I will be able to take advantage of a pump and dump in the near future and sell my shares at a hefty premium to the price at which I bought them.

Thank you everyone for your views on the "industries to own for 2006". Please keep your opinions and coming. I will compile them into a single post at the end of the week.

Nice call on DECT, it's up some 30 percent this morning on a deal with Chevron.
Thanks Stockcoach. Picked some up yesterday. Sold 25% this am @5.90. I will probably sell another 25% late today.

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