Monday, October 31, 2005


October Results

Up about $3,600 today. I was considering taking some profits on ACSEF after the stock zoomed 20 percent after reporting its quarterly results this morning. In the end, I decided not to: the company's guidance for the next quarter was just too good. I'll stick around for now and perhaps sell a few shares in the high fives or low sixes.

For October, my portfolio managed to gain $1,784 to finish at $566,619 (up 0.3 percent), outperforming the NASDAQ for the fifth month in a row (down 1.5 percent) and outperforming the S&P 500 for the fourteenth month in a row (down 1.8 percent).

A footnote: when I was reconciling the balances in my two accounts (Ameritrade and Scottrade) I discovered that I made an error in my spreadsheet when I recorded the balance in my Ameritrade account in the first week of October. Ameritrade temporarily reported the value of one of my holdings as zero after the company announced a cash for shares exchange for all small shareholders. When the cash was credited to my account, I didn't record it. The impact was that I underreported my account balance for that week and every week for the remainder of October by about $3,000. The results on the lefthand side of the blog have been revised to correct this error, as has the weekly chart of my track record in 2005.

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