Monday, October 03, 2005



Remember that part in Terminator 3 when Arnie repeatedly piledrives the Termantrix into a row of ceramic toilets? Well, I feel a bit like her. What a heinous day. Down $5,400. I must admit I hate days like these (who doesn't?). Despite my record, every time a day like today occurs, I begin to question everything (Maybe I've just been lucky? Plain stupid luck all this time? Could it really be?). Fortunately, I'm smart enough to know that it's impossible to make big returns in the stock market without taking risks, and by the very nature of risk, sometimes you will lose. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Stockcoach -

What happened to cause such a loss? Strong stocks only showed strength today.
Stockcoach, I have been following you for almost a year. I know its not luck. You have a remarkable record, and more importantly your research is solid. Some days you will get the best of the market, others the market will get the best of you. But I am confident that if you stick with your research and discipline, your equity will be just fine.
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