Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Good to be back

It's nice to be back home. As usual, my visit to Asia was an interesting one. This time I spent quite a bit of time in China. The locals like to say that China's national bird is the crane. And indeed that's true: everywhere I looked, a new office building, shopping center, or condominium was being constructed.

As far as my portfolio is concerned, my performance in November was not particularly stellar. Although my portfolio gained $16,856 (3 percent), I underperformed all the major indices, especially the triumphant Nasdaq, which gained 5.3 percent for the month (hats off to Cramer for predicting this tech rally).

Like I had anticipated, most of the transactions that I made were on the sell-side through the use of pre-set limit orders. I sold all my shares of EEI, IFTH.OB, SMTX, OVTI, MNTA, FNLY, and most of my shares of COBR. On the buy side, I started a new 5000 share position in SMTX after the stock got clobbered (gratuitously in my view) following its earnings report. I now have a very large cash position (almost $100,000) so I will be looking to deploy some of that money over the next few weeks.

YIWA recently had an E added to their ticker. I guess it is because their November quarterly SEC filing is late.

Does anyone know what their problem is?
Welcome back. Looking forward to your postings.

Welcome back from my home country.
But being there for 20 years, never heard of national bird. China has certainly have huge potential, as a investor, coach, what is your view?

Recently picked up some COBR, looks cheap to me..

No1 holding ORCT, it is not doing too well these days, but great fundamental.

Keep up good posting..
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