Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Cobra keeps it up

Up $2,000 thanks to a nice move in COBR. Although I appreciate today's action in COBR, I am annoyed by the fact that I only have 1140 shares left, down from 4,000 shares, most of which I sold at much lower prices. However, knowing when to sell is much more difficult than knowing when to buy. A stock can go much higher than one anticipates, and conversely, a rally can fizzle out almost immediately, even when a company has solid fundamentals and reports good news. One can sell too early or one can sell too late, but it's virtually impossible to sell at exactly the perfect time. Indeed, a stock rally is a lot like sex: it feels best right before it ends.

MFRI reported a decent quarter after the close. The numbers weren't spectacular, but considering that the stock is sitting close to it's 52 week low, I think it should see some upside in the days and weeks ahead. DECT will also be reporting tomorrow. My gut tells me that the numbers will be good. I have 3,000 shares of DECT, having topped up my position last week.

I did pick up a few cobr after their quarterly release. This is the first stock I bought as a resulting of reading your blog.
And luckily it is good. What I like about COBR is their growth potential,which comes from 1) their new GPS product, 2) brand license to other company early next year. Besides, latest quarter earned 29c, and forth quarter will have a big jump from there.

Your blog is fun to read, and hope you keep it coming.

One concern I have about your holding is the liqudity. Many of those stock are extremely thinly traded. This would not be a problem, if the bull market keeps on. If the market suddenly turns south, and business condition gets tough. how could you sell your shares without a big discout to the current price.
Any comments on MPWG? I feel its a buy below 2.00
is your portfolio ever down?
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