Friday, December 23, 2005


Merry Christmas!

After a rough start to the week, my portfolio rebounded over the past 3 days, finishing the week up $1.984 (0.3 percent), slightly better than the S&P 500 (up 0.1 percent) and the NASDAQ (down 0.1 percent) but not quite as good as the Russell 2000 (up 0.5 percent).

Next week should be interesting. Typically, this is the time of year that hedge fund managers and daytraders who have had a bad year get desperate and start taking risky bets, often in the realm of microcap stocks. Last year, my portfolio surged almost 10 percent in the last week of December, largely due to a massive pump and dump in the stock of Taylor "the Tsunami Stock" Devices. While I doubt that next week will bring comparable gains, I am certain that many of my positions will experience volatility, so it should be a bumpy ride to say the least. Merry Christmas everyone and my best wishes to you and your families over the holiday weekend.

Crazy and irrational remarks from last comments, just ignore it.
keep up the good blog, merry chrismas to you too.
How dare you delete my comment. This blog is horrible and written by a clown. The market will crash big time and Santa is bringing coal for XMAS.. The terrorists released a tape, fund managers are extremely worried tonight. HO HO HO, crash fo 1929 coming
Oh yea tough guy? Then take some short positions. If you are so sure of yourself, you might as well retire early. But I'm afraid the average 13 year old anyonymous poster doesn't have the capital to back up their lunacy.
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