Thursday, December 29, 2005


Santa leaves coal in my portfolio

Down about $700 today. Looks like there won't be a Santa Clause rally this year. I guess people are still scared by how poorly stocks performed last January and have chosen to stay on the sidelines. I'm still above 600K. It will be a pity if I can't hold that level tomorrow, the last trading day of the year.

Yep, market doing things early this year. Santa Claus rally moved up to November, and January sell-off moved up to December. Since overall markets were still up on the year, expect more sell-off in January. Then, with growth slowing, housing market stalling, and interest rates rising, 2006 doesn't look that great.
have to agree, market does not look good for 2006, housing market is on a decline and will not see growth like it has in the last 5 years. People have been borrowing against their houses these past 5 years, thats what has kept some of this economy Interest rates i think will top off between 4.75-5%, anything higher and the markets could certainly be down on the year.

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