Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Up against the ropes

Down about $3,900. Not good. Not good at all. Since last Thursday, my portfolio has fallen every single day, and is now down more than $8,000. Mind you, that's only about 1.5 percent of my total portfolio, but it still feels like ALOT of money. Heck, it is a lot of money, especially when you figure that five and a half years ago, when I was still studying at university, my net worth was less than that.

Anyhow... You have probably noticed that there is a Google Adsense ad at the top of the page (Google owns Blogger.com so it only took about 2 minutes to enrol in the program). I don't expect to make much money off these ads, but I still thought it would be fun to give them a whirl. Needless to say, I don't endorse any of the stuff that is being sold. And speaking of which, I don't know if you are seeing the same ad that I'm seeing, but I'm currently seeing an ad hyping the stock of GTXC. Here's a fun test: go to their website and read their press releases. If your first response is "Wow..their technology sure is intriguing" then I suggest you find yourself a very nice index fund and forget about picking your own stocks. If your response is "Wow.. I'd really love to short this stock", then welcome to the savage world of microcap investing!

Tried last week...couldn't get a borrow :(
no you don't make a lot of money from ADSENSE if any and I have refused to put any adds onto my blog just to be independent. I make money from trading and being overexposed to ads makes me sick.
sorry I forgot to mention that your performance over the last 2 years with over 140% profits and being a "Homegamer" is outstanding and you would rank in the top 2% of all HedgeFunds - good work !
Just curious ... if 5 years ago your net worth was less than $8000, yet that was when your portfolio chart begins, and it shows a 10X gain over that 5 year period ... then how did you come up with the $50K+ capital to start trading with 5 years ago that your performance chart implies?
Hey anonymous in last message: haven't you figured it out yet?

This guy is just a paper trader.

He won't reveal the number of shares in each position nor his cash position. Were he to do that, his claims would be subject to being checked (and he wouldn't want that).

So, although you caught him in an inconsistency, I'm sure it won't bother him -- he'll just ignore your comment and keep posting his fluff.
As the charts show, I have been adding money along the way, which has increased the value of my portfolio but not my rate of return.
dont know if you got my last message.....

didnt see it come up so here it is again.


very nice accounts, i use amtd and scottrade as well to trade, use scottrade more due to their low cost of only $7.00 a trade, i am however thinking of switching it to mbtrading, where up to 500 shares its $5.00. I usually only trade between 100-1000 shares, nothing more. Besides that, that is very impressive, my question is how come you dont get a job at some hedgefund or financial firm, if you can show them proof of how well your stock picks are and how well the returns look im sure they would hire you in a second. Im sure with those kinds of numbers you could easily bank 6 or more figures a year.


How come you dont trade stocks like EBAY, JPM, UTX, GLD, INTC, SMH, BBY, AEOS, SPLS, XOM, HAL, etc etc. You know stocks that have tremendous cash flow and are known by millions of investors. Nearly all the stocks you have listed i have never really heard or traded. Is this why your portfolio has beaten the major averages so many years in a row?

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