Monday, January 09, 2006


ARC Wireless

Up about $2,900 today. I've added a new penny stock to my portfolio: ARC Wireless (ARCS.OB). On the surface, ARC Wireless looks like your typical avoid-at-all-costs penny stock. However, what makes it different from other penny stocks is that it is likely to join a very elite group of companies, including some luminaries as TZOO, ADBL, and TRLG, which have graduated from the bulletin board to a major exchange.

ARC Wireless intends to do a reverse split in the near future as part of an application to trade on either the AMEX and or the small cap NASDAQ exchange. Of course, there is no guarantee that this will occur, but considering the company is profitable and has a strong balance sheet, I think the probability is high that this will happen. And in the meantime, the company's fundamentals should keep the stock from falling too far below 10 cents. I'm in for 80,000 shares. My thanks to the reader of this blog who pointed this company out to me.

I am not surprised that your portoforlia is lagging big market. Real money is chasing big names right now, and when big market trade sideway, money starts to rotate to micro cap, your portofolio may start appreciate.

Your portoforlia is certainly a unique breed, yet performs well.

a few bloggers back, you talked about risk factor beta, just wondering how is beta being calculated? I am holding mostly small and medium cap stocks, I know they have relatively high beta, but I just don't know how exactly beta is calcuated? Thanks.
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