Wednesday, January 04, 2006



A power-packed day today. My portfolio zoomed ahead by about $6,700 thanks to nice moves in many of my holdings. Heck, even Bozo managed to get a piece of the action. Actually, I much prefer it when big gains in my portfolio are the result of huge gains in only or two stocks. This allows me to lock in my winnings by selling the high-flying stock. Broad based rallies like the one today, where most of my stocks go up a bit, make it difficult to take any money off the table.

Nevertheless, I'm still trying to rotate some cash towards some of my more beaten down positions. With that in mind, I bought another 1,000 shares of MARSA. I really think this company will be sold soon. I don't know what premium the buyer will pay, but I reckon the stock could spike 20 to 40 percent on any announcement (of course if the stock keeps drifting down, by the time the announcement comes, I may still be in the hole!)

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