Thursday, January 26, 2006


PEAK piqued my interest

Up about $1,000 today and up about $4,300 yesterday (would have been much more if it weren't for you know who). I picked up 4,000 shares of PEAK right before the close of trading. I knew that they were reporting earnings tonight or tomorrow morning and I figured that considering the stock is priced for disaster, there was little downside. Looks like I was right since the stock got a bit of a bump in afterhours. The Russell 2000 is kicking my ass this week so I need all the help that I can get (plus OCCF looks set to do a belly flop tomorrow... this is two quarters in a row that the company has disappointed).

I've bought some PEAK as well during this past week, and I own a load of OCCF. Could be real ugly for OCCF tommorrow morn, I'm guessing low fives - but I thought OCCF would deliver strong earnings so what the hell do I know.
Congratulations on PEAK. I would never buy a stock just before earnings ... the only exception perhaps if it sold below cash per share. You did, and it paid off big.
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