Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Shorted GOOG

I shorted GOOG right before the market closed. It was a small trade (only 15 shares). My main motivation was the view that Wall Street analysts had raised their estimates sufficiently high that it would difficult for the company to beat them as handily as it had in the past. Also, I wanted to hedge my position in YHOO, which I knew would probably move in the same direction as GOOG regardless of the results. I will probably take my profit tomorrow because I suspect the analysts will try to sweet talk the stock back up to $450.

Balls 'O' Steel. Congrats on a gutsy and well thought out call. Heck, YHOO is even up a smidge this morning. Its a win win.

I am am much less qualified investor than you are, and I had the same idea. I shorted yesterday into that pre-Greenspan runup we had in the afternoon. Was quite happy to see Drudge blaring the GOOG miss as his breaking news headline after hours.

It's sad when a company like GOOG can -double- their profits and still "miss" earnings. But it worked out for us :)
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