Tuesday, January 17, 2006


YHOO for a trade

Up about $1,500 today. I picked up 300 shares of YHOO afterhours at $35.28. I think the drop after the close was too extreme considering they didn't miss estimates by a wide margin. I'm hoping that institutional buying tomorrow morning will propel the stock to the mid-36 range, where I plan to take my profit. Considering that the stock kept sliding in afterhours after I bought it, my theory may turn out to be wrong, but live and learn.

YHOO for a trade, im bullish on YHOO, its down to $34.96 AH, I never usually trade AH or premarket....its tough to call where it will open up in the premarket tomorrow, sometimes buying it AH helps out, sometimes a stock will open higher in premarket and then sell off on the open which i see many many times. I think anything under 33.50 is a strong buy as for a trade i think it could trade down to 34-34.50 tomorrow before bouncing back....INTC also down to 23....that could make for a good trade tomorrow as well.
I just bought some at 35.20 and it started slipping right afterwards. I agree with anon, it'll probably hit $34 before bouncing back.
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