Thursday, February 16, 2006


Back in TOA

Now, that's more like it: my portfolio gained 1.1 percent today to a new all-time high. I picked up 600 shares of TOA at $20.22. This stock seems to have strong support at around the $20 level. I don't expect it go to $30 any time soon, but it should be a safe play to at least $23. Despite being in the dreaded home builders group, I think the company's fundamentals are strong enough that there is little downside risk at these prices.

Hey Coach.

I would agree that TOA has strong support at that price point. I have spent years studying the technicals, but am coming around to your valuation as a much more sane investment style.

Anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Travel Zoo (TZOO).

I owned this through the incredible hype and irrational valuation. Now that it has fallen back towards Earth, I was wondering what you think of the valuation at this point? The technicals look good (basing out of a steep decline, seems to be into some resistance around the $18 level).

housing stocks dont look so good, if they continue to sell off expect TOA to head to $18 a share.....

as for TZOO, forget about them, there are better stocks out there than TZOO, pull up a one year chart and see what TZOO has done...
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