Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Dropped CALL

The good thing about CALL is that the ticker allows me to come up with all sorts of witty headlines for the blog (bad call, dropped call, etc). However, that's about the only good thing about this stock. And since I would rather make money than be witty, I sold all my shares this morning in the pre-market after the company released yet another sucky earnings report. Despite CALL's unwelcome antics, today turned out to be a very good day for my portfolio, which gained about $8,300. Contributing to the success:

Hey Coach.. thanks for the awesome blog. Today's post was a classic.

Qusetion: do you ever use stops instead of selling outright?

Sure, if your guess on the direction of the stock is correct, this will result in lower profits.

But if you are wrong, and the stock keeps moving in the right direction, you profit.

It seems to me, with tight enough stops, this could be more profitable than just selling.

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