Monday, February 13, 2006


GOOG for a trade

My portfolio was down 0.45 percent today. I picked up 50 shares of GOOG at the open this morning. I figured that the stock would recover some of its losses as analysts took out their pom-poms in order to deflate that negative Barron's article over the weekend. I figured wrong. The stock ended the day at virtually the same price at which it opened. Since I don't regard Google's valuation as attractive, I will be looking to exit this position tomorrow.

I almost took the bait there too, but I decided to sit on the sidelines. The stock is definetly oversold from a technical perspective, but it's valuation is too uncertain for me to go near it here.

Plus, you gotta log when you log into Yahoo Finance and see the following two articles right next to each other:

Bullish On Google, Here’s Why

Google shares may fall another 50 percent

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