Friday, April 07, 2006


Weekly Summary + 2 new stocks

Despite naughty price action from the likes of CBTE and VTEK, my portfolio managed to escape today's smallcap meltdown unscathed. Indeed, I actually gained 0.2 percent for the day. For the week, my portfolio gained $8,931 (1.3 percent), outperforming the Russell 2000 (down 1.2 percent), S&P 500 (up 0.1 percent), and the NASDAQ (flat).

I did end up buying more shares of diamond merchant LKI (the mystery hidden gem I mentioned yesterday...get it...gem?). I thought the earnings report was pretty good. I now hold a total of 2000 shares in the company. I also started a new position in SCOP (2000 shares). Considering the market in which this company operates, its solid earnings and revenue growth, and healthy cash position, this stock is about as undervalued as it gets. The only reason I didn't buy more shares is because the stock seems to fall out of bed every morning to a new 52 week low, and I hate betting against that sort of downward momentum. Once it stablizes, I'll build a full position of around 5000 shares.


Both your new stocks look interesting. Do you know what the share count is for SCOP - are you using the 13+ million figure? I was going through their filing and got a tad confused.

If you get a chance, check out ISSG.ob.
Nelson, take a look at the Yahoo messege board. Someone links to their prospectus (it's hard to find otherwise). The share count is 13 million.
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