Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Can't catch a break

Today was more or less the opposite of yesterday. My portfolio declined 1.0 percent while the broader market moved higher. As before, I continue to shuffle the deckchairs on the Titanic. I jettisoned a few stocks that I only marginally liked: RSC, DECT, and BOSC. I'll use the cash to increase my positions in the more attractive stocks in my portfolio.

Stockcoach, I am a small time trader []and loves to follow your blog. I was wondering whats your favorite set of stocks [among your portfolio] that you intend to add at current levels. Keep up the good work.
Consider buying ARTG and NAPS.

When mkt's recover, big cap stocks that have been oversold will be the first to get bids. As your portfolio is generally made of small cap illiquid stocks they will tend to lag when a recovery occurs. So be patient and you will do fine.

Steven from Canada
ARTG moved big today. Wait for a pullback.

Steven from Canada
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