Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Down 0.3 percent today. I bought few more shares of EWEB. I think the stock is bound to move past $3 one of these days. Talk about a bad trade: TOA is down nearly 20 percent from where I bought just a week ago. What ever inspired me to buy a housing stock? I sold half my shares yesterday and will probably sell the rest on any strength.

dont know if you remember but i left this comment a couple of months ago.....i was wrong on TZOO, well there were so many shorts in TZOO that they covered it the thing flew to 50+ only to come back down however TOA and the rest of the homebuilders are probably going to fall another 10-15% on average....

housing stocks dont look so good, if they continue to sell off expect TOA to head to $18 a share.....

as for TZOO, forget about them, there are better stocks out there than TZOO, pull up a one year chart and see what TZOO has done...
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