Monday, June 05, 2006


Out of AEHR

Down 0.5 percent today. I sold my remaining shares in AEHR today. I bought the stock in late 2004 in the low 2's. I had sold most of my shares many months ago (obviously too soon), so I only had 1000 left as of today. I was debating whether to part with these remaining shares, especially considering how strong the stock has been lately (hitting a new 52 week high today despite the market meltdown), but ultimately I decided that the fundamentals did not merit keeping it. Although it is true that AEHR's fundamentals have improved significantly over the past six months, at the end of the day, the company is still heavily reliant on a narrow range of products. And while profits will increase next quarter, the future for the company is still unclear. Perhaps if the market wasn't so bad, I'd keep the stock because there is a good chance that the momentum traders will run it up to $10, but given the current market condition, I'd rather swap into a safer stock.

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