Friday, June 30, 2006


Stockcoach Reports Second Quarter Results

Maintains profitability despite challenging market environment

Outperforms S&P 500 by 3.5 percent, NASDAQ by 8.9 percent, and Russell 2000 by 7.2 percent during quarter

Revises investment strategy in light of recent developments

Stockcoach today announced profits of $9,780 for the second quarter of 2006 compared to profits of $36,686 for the second quarter of 2005, a decrease of 73 percent. For the six months ending June 30, 2006, profits rose to $108,249, an 82 percent increase relative to the first half of 2005. Stockcoach’s equity was $710,492 at the of the second quarter.

“I am pleased to report continued profitability despite the difficult market environment,” said Mr. Stockcoach, President and sole employee of Stockcoach, Inc. “Much of the outperformance this quarter was driven by solid results in April, when my portfolio increased by 6.7 percent. Results since April have been disappointing. My portfolio has underperformed the S&P 500 in the past two months. June proved to be particularly weak as my portfolio significantly underperformed all the major indices, including the Russell 2000, against which my performance is best measured”.

Mr. Stockcoach continued, “Since I began investing I have adhered to one simple and powerful rule: do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. Five years ago, shortly after I finished college, I only had a few thousand dollars to invest in the stock market. At that time, I invested in all sorts of stocks: growth stocks, value stocks, small caps, large caps, you name it. Following the rule of doing more of what makes me money and less of what doesn’t, my portfolio became increasingly tilted towards small cap value stocks. The superior returns that I was generating by investing in small cap value stocks were so great that over time, my portfolio became almost completely dominated by such stocks, despite the obvious adverse implications this had for diversification.”

“However, in the past two months, the market environment has soured for small cap stocks. More worrying, my own performance against the Russell 2000 benchmark in May and June was unimpressive. Thus, following my rule, I have now begun to branch out to include more growth stocks and mid cap and large cap stocks in my portfolio. The extent to which I will continue to do so depends on the relative performance of the various asset classes in which I invest.”

Ya but what is your 'R' value? (jus kidd'n). A job well done I must say, I think most anyone out there would be very pleased with your returns! Keep up the good work, I will look forward to reading any new ideas you may implement and see how the old ones work out. I think I will upgrade Stockcoach, Inc to Outperfom!
I bought BDR as well. Also picked up some oil/gas (CFK, COP, UNT) and mining plays ( = hbmff, = bwlrf.ob,, in the past few weeks. Good luck on your revised investment style.

So far in '06, you're doing pretty well, up 18%. Would you mind letting us know what your low EOD balance was in recent days?

Thanks, and good luck.
I think you're going to see a bit more swing trading from me. I played a little MRVL this week for a nice 7 percent gain. My low was on Wednesday. BDR could be interesting. But what's up with that crazy name? My portfolio gained about 2.5 percent in the past two days, not as good as the Russell, but I'll take it :)
Great post by the way. I loved how you did that :-)

Here's to a great July for you.
Great job. No doubt June hasn't been kind to lots of folks out there.

I'm thinking the fishing hole of the future will the be the (currently) 34-35 ETFs trading over 1 million shares/day. Good liquidity, no takeover risk, no accounting fraud, variable option liquidity.


Do you ever have a losing Quarter?

Thanks for all the nice comments and Rob, best of luck with your advisory service. I think for many investors looking for tutelage, your site is well worth the price of admission!
Thanks Coach!! That price of admission will actually be going down, so hopefully everyone feels the same way as you :-)

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