Thursday, July 20, 2006



Down 0.6 percent, but that doesn't take into account Broadcon's debacle after the market closed. I bought that piece of garbage at over $30 and I'll be lucky if it opens above $24 tomorrow. To make matters worse, I bought some MRVL today thinking that good earnings from Apple and Motorola last night would help rally that stock. Wrong! MRVL is also down big afterhours.

So far my little foray into large caps has been a disaster. The fact that I'm down on all my large cap positions would be tolerable given the state of the market, but the reality is that I would have been much better off if I had just bought large cap indices like the QQQQ or SPY. I think from now on I will just try to trade large caps, as opposed to investing in them. With that in mind, I bought 25 shares of Googlygoog at $382 afterhours. I've already put in my market order to sell at the open tomorrow.

Lost my arse on Fraudcon also. I sold AH at 24.50 for my earlier buy of 27.05. If you listened to the CC, it was horrible.

Do you have any thoughts on these earnings play next week?

GRP - oil driller could see a rebound next week although HAL didnt do well inspite of good earnings today.

STMP - I think the selloff is overdone and we could see a reversal after it reports next week.

INGR - already reported upside. dunno how much power will it still have when it reports its earnings
Coach, I saw an opportunity with EZPW this morning at 39.20. There could be a 3-5 pt upside to the stock before it reports on Tuesday afternoon. The company is growing leaps and bounds and havent expanded to California yet.
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