Wednesday, July 12, 2006


CRWS explodes

Up 0.6 percent today. If memory serves me right, I have been holding CRWS for nearly 3 years now and during that time, the stock has done absolutely nothing. Until today, that is. Today the stock surged 150 percent after the company announced that it has taken steps to shore up its balance sheet, and in the process dramatically reduce the fully diluted share count. Unfortunately, I opened the position a long time ago when my portfolio was substantially smaller, so as of today I only had 5000 shares to my name. Still, the move helped drown out what otherwise would have been a lackluster day. (Long time readers of this blog may be puzzled as to why I am talking about stock. As it turns out, I had accidentally neglected to enter it in my positions list and never noticed the omission until today).

In other news, I finally said goodbye to my remaining 1000 shares of KTCC. My standing limit order got filled at $7.21 today, a fortuitous exit since this was close to the high on the day. I've had a great time with the contract manufacturing stocks over the past year (WSCI, SMTX, and of course KTCC). The only one that hasn't hit my price target is NSYS, but hopefully that will happen soon.

"My standing limit order got filled at $7.21" - I'm curious, are you setting limits based on percentage or based on reaching a certain price?
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