Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I own Yahoo for my charitable trust

Not! I'm glad I got out of that POS a few weeks ago (for an ugly $2000 loss). Anyway, it was another sucky day today. My portfolio declined 0.6 percent. Most of my small craps either went sideways or down. Oh well.

In reference to KTCC, a reader left a comment asking me how I determined my sale price. Basically, when I sell a stock I base that decision on the stock's fundamentals (what I think the company worth based on its earnings and balance sheet). I typically scale out of a position slowly (like I did with KTCC). I also take into account the overall market environment. If this were a better market, I probably would have given KTCC more rope, but it's not. I also try to do a half-assed job of gauging where a stock may be "technically oversold" to give me a sense of where I should sell. Since I don't know much about technical analysis (and don't really believe it it anyway), usually this exercise does more harm than good.

stockcoach, FYI, insiders have purchased 65,000 shares of ACSEF in the past few days.

Good Luck.
Hey, love your blog, very interesting... anyway, just wondering what broker you use and why... thanks!
Thanks Nelson. I also noticed the insider buying in ACESEF. In fact, I tried to pick up a few more shares today but didn't get my order filled.
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