Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Up 0.3 percent today. Just my luck. I sold most of my KTCC shares yesterday and not only did the stock hold its gains today, it closed the day near an all time high. The stock now has $7 written all over it.

For the third time in two weeks, I'm back in IFO, picking up 1000 shares at $6.96 today. I also started a new position in NBR (600 shares at $32.70). The stock is trading at less than 10 times earnings and analysts expect the company to grow earnings by nearly 40 percent annually over next 5 years. I want some more energy sector exposure, and I think this is the right stock for that.

Lastly, I'm restating my results for yesterday. Due to an error in recording the gains from the KTCC afterhours trade, the portfolio was actually up 0.1 percent yesterday, and not 0.5 percent as I had reported. No class action lawsuits, please.

Would you mind sharing what software tools you use for your portfolio tracking and analysis?
I just use an Excel spreadsheet that I created.
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